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Barco ClickShare CSE-800 Starter Set Inc. 4 Buttons and 1 Tray

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The ClickShare CSE-800 allows you to mirror your devices screen wirelessly to the connected screen easily and with just one click. With support for two 4K Ultra HD Monitors, AirPlay support and enterprise level security, the CSE-800 is a more powerful and secured addition to the existing ClickShare family.

Up to 8 persons can share content at the same time (4 users per screen connected). Sharing one communal screen encourages idea sharing, improves meeting efficiency and enhances productivity. ClickShare allows you to compare information on one display with a colleagues permitting the rest of the meeting participants to see.

Up to 64 users can connect to the CSE-800 base unit at any one time and may choose to take control of the main display with just one click. Take advantage of moderation functionality for restricting button usage and taking control of ClickShare from one hub, enabling the meeting to be directed by one user and prevent rapid screen changing to promote a smoother meeting.



ClickShare is the ideal addition to any existing meeting room and is a cost effective alternative to a dated wired set up. With no wires and an easy user experience, meetings won't be delayed by users trying to find an adaptor to connect to the projector or trying to install a particular driver or program. Meetings will run efficiently, require less setup and more importantly, participants will feel more involved in the decision making process.

The ClickShare CSE-800 is packed with features including:

  • Allows you to wirelessly mirror your devices screen to a central TV, Monitor or Projector.
  • Share from laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Up to 8 Users can share content side by side (requires 2 screens)
  • Supports Apple AirPlay
  • Dual HDMI output with 4K (4096x2160) capabilities
  • Bundle includes 4 x ClickShare buttons, 1 x button tray holder and 1 x CSE-800 base unit