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Desk Shield Plus 3 Sided Desk Top Board Screen with Windows

Desk Shield Plus 3 Sided Desk Top Board Screen with Windows

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Product Details

Our large desk screens are designed to provide a premium looking, economical and environmentally sourced, solution for the office, with the added benefit of extending protection beyond the standard desk boundary. Comes ready-assembled for quick and easy installation within the workplace, negating the need for skilled fitting or expensive add-ons needed to secure to the desk. Made from recyclable board and PETG.

Technical Specification


  • rPET clear plastic windows: Our clear plastic windows are made from plastic bottles harvested from the ocean, making our large desk screen environmentally friendly.
  • FSC corrugated cardboard: Our corrugated walls are made from at least 70% recycled material”. FSC number C152726.

Key Features

  • Extra deep side panels: To create a barrier between adjacent desks. Additional 550mm overhang on an 800mm deep desk.
  • Designed to fit three desk sizes: 1600mm wide x 1350mm deep, 1400mm wide x 1350mm deep & 1200mm wide x 1350mm deep.
  • Fixed to the desk with non-permanent gel pad adhesive.
  • Clear plastic windows in sides and back panels: To allow for easy communication between desk screens and allows daylight to pass through.
  • Light and very easy to install in a large office.
  • Side panels with tapered bottom edges: To avoid collisions and create a modern look.
  • Desk screen height: All desk screens are 585mm tall.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Recyclable - Ocean friendly, made from bottles out the ocean. Also using FSC recyclable corrugated cardboard.
  • Fast UK delivery.