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Barco ClickShare CS-100 Wireless Presentation Starter Set

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Product Code: R9861510EU
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The CS-100 is a recent addition to the ClickShare family and is designed for use in small meeting rooms.

ClickShare allows you to wirelessly connect any laptop, tablet or smartphone to a central screen in any meeting, conference or boardroom. A user can share their devices screen on a central video screen with just one click. It detects the resolution of both your device and the central screen and optimises the output resolution appropriately. ClickShare doesn't require access to the internet or your existing network as it creates it's own secure network for you to connect to via WiFi.

A Barco ClickShare CS-100 wireless presentation system consists of:

  • 1 x CS100 Base Unit
  • 1 x USB Button

The CS-100 brings the ClickShare experience to small meeting rooms. Anyone can start sharing their screen with just one click without receiving any training. The user simply plugs in the ClickShare button, a USB device, into their laptop (PC or Mac), clicks the button and their devices screen content is ready to share and display on the large meeting room screen.

With the Barco ClickShare CS-100:

  • 1 user can share their device on a central video screen
  • Simply "Click" to "Share" - No training required
  • Easily share from PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices